Sunday, 1 January 2012

Bring back 2011!

2012 started off ok, or so I thought!  I have been having a bit of a problem for a few days with my little toe bleeding, and walking was getting a bit painful.  When I woke up this morning the toe was swollen, red and more painful.  To cut a long story short, hubby and I spend 3 hours in the waiting room of Ward 15, Bradford Royal Infirmary, to be told by a doctor that the toe is infected and the nail has disappeared!  There was so much blood on it the last few days that I hadn't been able to see it properly, so I don't know when it went, where or how!  They dressed it for me and gave me antibiotics for tonight, have to collect the rest tomorrow. I have to rest it a bit, which is no great hardship now that walking is so painful.  Not the greatest start to the year, but at least it can only get better - or can it?

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