Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Scarf for the Pooping Puppy!

We went to fetch our grand-daughter from school this afternoon as her parents were working, and brought her back to our house until her Mum could pick her up on her way home.  She spent about 3/4hr playing with her "pooping puppy".  This delightful little toy dog is worked by a remote clicker - 1 click to make it walk; 2 to make it sit and 3 to make it beg (I think it's that way round!).  To make it more exciting, you can put a plastic biscuit in its mouth and then a short time later it comes out of the other end!  She got a bit concerned at one point as the biscuit was not appearing when expected.  She said "he must be constipated", so I picked him up and shook him.  She was mortified!  Anyway, it worked and he is no longer constipated.   

She then decided she wanted me to teach her to knit.  This was fun!  She now knows the principles, but at 6 years old, her hands are too small to cope with the needles.  We sat in the chair while she tried to copy me, both chanting "in, wrap, push, pull".  If you knit, you will understand!  We are knitting a green scarf for the pooping puppy.

Went out for a lovely meal tonight with our friends M&D to a new Italian restaurant called Pippo's on Harrogate Road, at Greengates.  It was our first time there and we were not disappointed, the meal was lovely.  The evening's entertainment was provided by hubby (as usual). He went to pay for the meal on his debit card but had forgotten his pin number!  "No problem", says he, "I have saved it on my phone in code!"  Slight problem - he couldn't remember the code!  In the end, he had to pay on his credit card.  To make matters worse, one of the reasons we had gone to this particular restaurant was that hubby was hoping to do business with them!  Not a good way to impress them.  Still, it was well worth it as we had a lovely evening.

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