Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Hubby excelled himself today, my birthday. We got off to a good start when he appeared holding something behind his back, looking very sheepish! He mumbled an explanation as I tried not to giggle. Apparently he had bought me a birthday card at the local supermarket, it was a beautiful card I must admit.  When he got it home he realised that there was no envelope with it and panicked because it was too late to go back to the shop.  As one of my hobbies is card-making, you would think it would occur to him that our "office" is filled with blank cards and envelopes but, he said, he couldn't find one!  So he set about making one himself with a sheet of copy paper and a roll of sellotape!

I must award him an Olympic gold medal for ingenuity.  Unfortunately he had used more sellotape than paper (or so it seemed).  It was not easy for me to get into the "envelope" but it was well worth it when I did! Bless him!

We had a lovely lunch with our daughter and granddaughter then we all decided to go shopping together and piled into our car.  Hubby parked up in the carpark and daughter and  I got out and started following hubby into the shop.  We realised that someone was missing - poor granddaughter was looking out of the car window at us.  Hubby had locked the car doors and left her in, apparently he thought she had got out already!  As his punishment (!), he had to entertain her while daughter and I shopped.  Good job he didn't see how much I spent - I got pens in every colour imaginable, some erasable, and coloured tabs for my filofax.  That should keep me going for quite some time!

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